The Balance Between

Skill and Difficulty

To put it simply, The Flow State (also known as being "In The Zone") is the key to happiness. Coined by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, this state has been the explicit subject of study by both Positive Psychologists and Performance Psychologists for decades.


Despite its unbelievable power and potency, it's actually remarkably common. The Flow State is a normal and natural psychological phenomenon that emerges when someone is in alignment with the principles listed below, and is often accompanied by varying degrees of timelessness, exuberance, and bliss (not to mention rapid learning and creative breakthrough).


Everyday activities that are known to elicit this experience are sports, martial arts, intensive exercise, performing or listening to music, creating art, deep meditation, and sexual climax.


Many people are surprised to learn that the Flow State, in all of its profundity, can be achieved at any time during any activity, as long as the proper conditions are set. It is a learnable skill that can be activated at will once the principles are internalized.

The principles are:

  1. Complete concentration on the task

  2. Clarity of goals and immediate feedback

  3. The transformation of time (speeding up/slowing down)

  4. The experience is intrinsically rewarding

  5. Effortlessness and ease

  6. There is a balance between challenge and your skills

  7. Action and awareness are merged, losing self-conscious rumination

  8. There is a feeling of control over the task

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The Principles of Flow


How Can The Flow State Serve You?

You can change anything you want about yourself FAST with the Flow State - your health, your relationships, your career, your thoughts, your emotions, your dreams, your physique, your sleep, your tangible skills, your memory, or your ability to learn.


We have yet to discover the limits of the human mind, especially when it is honed to a high degree of skill and mastery. It has been proven through research and through countless personal accounts that entering the Flow State regularly and deliberately produces a healthy, flexible, and ever-increasingly sharp mind that can meet challenges and perfect art forms at insanely impressive speeds.

Getting there is straightforward. All it takes is practice and a solid understanding of the abstract principles involved. Once there, the magic happens by itself, and your conscious mind turns up to monitor feedback, to keep circumstances optimal for continuous flow entry, and to enjoy the ride!!

In sessions, we will learn and utilize the above principles and apply them to whatever area you are wanting to improve.