Hypnosis is the art and science of communication, both with ourselves and with others. While ancient and well-studied, it has gone by many names and has only relatively recently been given the recognition it deserves as both a foundational phenomenon of the mind, and as an incredible tool for change. Trance is the state of mind that we are cultivating, and Hypnotic Induction is the tool we use to enter trance.

Trance is the state of mind we go to when we're having a deeply meaningful conversation, when we're glued to the screen during a gripping film, when we hear music that gives us chills, when we remember an epiphany from our past that connects far flung dots in our mind, and when we lose ourself in a dream and swear that it’s real. Like the Flow State, Trance is normal and natural, and it’s a capacity that anybody can cultivate.

Essentially, it's about deep focus to the point where nearly all other stimuli fall away from your conscious experience. In this state of mind, memories are deepened, lessons are learned, the body and mind rejuvenate, and transformation becomes inevitable.

           Emotional Flow


Hypnosis as a phenomenon can be summarized as follows:

A - Attention

B - Bypass the 'Critical Factor'

S - Stimulate the Unconscious Mind

The process is straightforward and elegant - We use attention to focus the mind on a very constrained set of details, we leverage natural flexibility in the mind to consciously suspend the critical/rejecting faculties, and then we stimulate change processes to make the desired transformations at a subconscious level.


Emotional Flow


How Can Hypnosis and Trance Serve You?

Used strategically, we will delve into trance to gain access to more dream-like parts of the psyche. We will use these emotionally leverageable aspects of the mind to create change from the ground up rather than from the top down.

All we need is:

a) The ability to focus with consistent attention

b) The knowledge and intuitive skill of knowing what to do, where to go, and what to ask while in that state of mind

In sessions, we can use trance to create new habits, drive important points home, and break through barriers, leaving your mind ready to move up to its next level of thriving.