Respiratory Flow

Pranayama (often retranslated as 'breathwork') is the skill of directing and regulating your life-force energy. The usual method for this is the breath, which has been widely regarded as the tool of choice when it comes to making immediate impacts on your health, mood, and mentality.


Breath can de described as our most primary food, without which we starve in minutes. Learning to regulate our breathing is just as crucial (and arguably moreso) as regulating our sleep, our physical exercise, and our nutrition.


The benefits of well-trained breathing include:

   -a calm and clear mind, perfectly primed for the Flow State

   -a relaxed and invigorated body

   -deeper and more restorative sleep

   -a stronger and more effective immune system

   -more direct access to the storehouses of energy           and focus available to you at all times.



Throughout my years study and practice, I have amassed a solid toolbox of various styles and techniques, many of which are tailored for specific purposes, and all of which are perfectly compatible with the other areas of specialization found on this site.

In sessions, we will determine what aims you are wanting to address with pranayama and create a regimen for you to practice, both in session and on your own. We will practice the techniques and apply the resulting benefits to other areas of our work together.