Respiratory Flow

Pranayama (often retranslated as 'breathwork') is the yogic skill of directing and regulating your life-force energy. The usual method for this is the breath, which has been widely regarded as the tool of choice when it comes to making immediate impacts on your health, mood, and mentality.


Breath can de described as our most primary food, without which we starve in minutes. Learning to regulate our breathing is just as crucial (and arguably more so) as regulating our sleep, our physical exercise, and our nutrition (examples below). In addition, it complements the other methods and techniques presented on this site.

In sessions, we will determine what aims you are wanting to address with pranayama and create a regimen for you to practice, both in session and on your own. We will practice the techniques and apply the resulting benefits to other areas of our work together.


The Dangers of Mouth Breathing

To sum it up, humans weren't meant to breath through our mouths for extended periods of time. If left unchecked, it can wreak havoc on our health and (surprisingly) our facial anatomy itself.


In the short term, mouth breathing:

  -saps athletic performance and makes us fatigue

    more quickly [1]

  -causes the body to lose 40% more water [2]

  -can cause bad breath [3]

But in the longer term, mouth breathing:

  -can lead to malocclusion (crooked teeth) and

   changes in the shape of the mouth and nasal

   cavities, constricting it and further

   complicating nasal breathing [4]

  -can impair learning and memory [5]

  -can lead to periodontal disease, cavities, and

   sleep apnea [6]




Learning to nasal breathing can reduce or reverse many of these issues, even if they've been present for quite some time [7]. Paired with cardiovascular exercise, lung capacity can be regained [8], and with it, quality of life, quality of sleep, and more years of happy health. [9]


This book is (in my humble opinion) absolutely revolutionary to psychological and physical health science.


James Nestor is a journalist who took it upon himself to not only deeply review the complex and fascinating literature around the science of human breathing, but he also put some of its claims to the test.


The experiment: Nestor and his colleague decided to run a large battery of tests on themselves, assessing their overall health, exercise ability, and sleep quality, and then plug their noses with silicone plugs for 10 days to see what happened. What could go wrong??


Turns out, a LOT went wrong. Over the course of 10 days:

  -snoring increased 4,820 percent

  -he rose to 25 sleep apnea events each night (defined as oxygen levels

    dropping below 85% [which is NOT good])

  -blood pressure spiked by about 13 points on average (stage 1


  -general dread and feeling of deep unhealth throughout

Fortunately, Nestor was able to reverse all of this by removing the plugs, and then engaging in a thorough set of breathing exercises designed to repair his breathing capabilities and return all of his vitals to a state of homeostasis and well-being.

Nestor's book is a mind-blowing dive into this fascinating and indispensable capacity that so many of us take for granted. It's full of history, science, shocking stats, and exercises to help you take your breath and your well-being up to the next level. 

Here are some stats that may take your breath away:

  -40% of people today are chronic mouth breathers [10] [11]

  -45% of US adults snore [12]

  -25% of US adults over 30 have sleep apnea [13]

  -85% of moderate/severe sleep apnea cases are undiagnosed [14]

Needless to say, mastering your breath is not only crucial to avoiding disease,

but can also open your body and mind up to the natural focus and levity that comes from 

potent heath throughout our respiratory system.

Come learn the ancient practice of pranayama and feel your vitality come flooding back!