The Self-Authoring Suite is a writing program that dives into all of the important areas of one’s life, including career, health, family, friendships, intimate relationship, hobbies, etc. It encompasses the Past, Present, and Future, and is instrumental in bringing one into full conscious alignment with their own personal mythology and story. As we grow and progress through life, it becomes increasingly more valuable to be able to map out our experiences and nest them inside of a narrative that is logical, coherent, and ultimately pointed toward deeper immersion and meaning.


By going through the Self-Authoring program, clients will learn from and make peace with their past, identify their current strengths and weaknesses, and create a transformative future that is as achievable as it is inspiring. And luckily, the more trouble one seems to be having, the better this works!!

For me personally, this program was hands-down one of the most clarifying and energizing tools I’ve ever found, and I’m not alone. It has been used for thousands of participants throughout the world and has generated some seriously impressive results. Check out the website here for more info:

           Narrative Flow

The cost of the program itself will be included in the session fee.


There are two ways we can go about it:


(1) We can dedicate one or two sessions to the completion of the program together, followed by later sessions to work through your action plans to start making massive progress;


(2) You can complete the program (or complete sections of it) at home prior to your sessions and we can reference it throughout our work together.

Both are great options. I just depends on how you feel you will get the most benefit from your time and your attention. All of this will be discussed in the Free Consult.