Vibratory Flow

Sound is a brilliant path into the Flow State. Not only is it a viscerally tangible force to focus on for meditative purposes, but the sound itself can actually have beneficial physical effects on the body, especially when paired with your direct intention cultivated by meditation and hypnosis.


The power of sound is nothing original for humans. Millennia of reporting (and a sizable body of research) has demonstrated that sound (especially rich multi-timbred 'content free' sound) can and does reliably elicit changes in the listener's psychology, physiology, and even their immunity.


The modern phenomenon of "noise pollution" has been linked to heightened levels of stress and increased risk for all sorts of ailments. Sound from the instruments used in this modality are a potent decompressor for the barrage of waves we are hit with daily in our chaotic urban lifestyles, leaving the listener with a lighter mind and a clearer emotional pallet. Once there, the deeper work becomes far easier.



For our purposes, the sound will be used primarily as a vehicle for focusing the mind and creating a state of deep calm and receptive trance. Sessions can incorporate sound tools (bowls, chimes, toning, didgeridoo, gongs, bells, etc.) to bring the mind into the prime space to open up and let go of unhelpful patterns of thought that hinder the learning process.


Transforming the mind really is a learning process as much as it is a healing process, and the use of sound can amplify the effects of our work together immensely.