Rational Flow

The ancient greek philosophy of Stoicism has had immense influence on psychology and philosophy ever since it’s explication and development hundreds of years before the Common Era. Since an endless number of books have been written on the subject already, I will simply say that a deep look into this body of thought has given both myself and a huge and unknowable number of curious minds from the past and present the tools and perspectives to understand what their mind does, why it does it, and how to work with it to move ever closer to a state of eudaimonia (translated from Greek as “human flourishing”). What’s more, Stoic philosophy is the explicit inspiration for the much of modern set of techniques known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Over the last several decades, CBT has become one the most researched and evidentiarily supported styles of psychotherapy created in our modern world. It's a go-to technique for treating many conditions, including anxiety, depression, and habit-breaking/habit-formation. But, coupled with hypnotherapy, CBT is the perfect counterweight to smoothly erode negative and unhelpful psychological patterns and to construct and reinforce robust, positive, and healthy patterns. With these two modalities working in symbiosis, the mind becomes a tunable instrument that can quickly become unrecognizable in its stability and its flexibility.


The basic principles to engage with Stoicism and CBT are straightforward. They are:


1) Become intimately familiar with the active patterns of thoughts and emotions within you;

2) Notice the correlation between your thoughts/beliefs, your emotions, your actions, and the consequences of your actions;

3) Utilize philosophical and practical tools to deconstruct those patterns that are ultimately doing you more harm than good;


4) Replace those ineffective patterns with new healthy patterns that will continuously point you in the direction you actually want to go;

5) Repeat repeat repeat, and watch your life transform.


The Basic Tenants  

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How Can Stoicism

and CBT Serve You?

During sessions, we will explore the tenets, philosophies,

and techniques in Stoicism and CBT, and we will practice

using them in real time to refine your reflexes and instincts.

Over time (and not much time), you will start to consistently

demonstrate to yourself a newfound ability to reorient your

mind, stabilize your emotions, and settle into reality as it is,

giving you the optimal starting position to handle anything

that comes your way.