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Ask yourself: “What is it about my life that I’m looking to transform?”

There are three kinds of situations that people come to me with:


  1. There is some issue from the past that is interfering with their life today.

  2. There is a dream that they are reaching toward that they've yet to achieve, and they'd like support getting there.

  3. Both of these situations apply

If any of those describe you, here is how I can help:


Look at the top of the page to see the process - Clarify, Create, & Transform.

  1. We clarify exactly what you want to happen in your life

  2. We create a process to get you there both consciously and unconsciously

  3. We support your transformation for the long term with strategy and accountability


During sessions, we will incorporate a cocktail of change modalities (some ancient and some modern) that will help you on your path.


As we progress, I will teach you these tools. With diligent practice over time, you will need less and less of my help. You will come to rely on your own mastery.

By working together with mutually sincere commitment, you and I will figure out what you need, how to get you there, and how to keep you there.


So, whether you are coming here to let go of something old, to create something new, or both, rest assured - true change is possible. Things can get better.


The work is not always easy, but it is always worth it.



Sessions are 90-minute meetings held on Zoom.

These can be purchased individually or in bulk.

In sessions we will follow a predictable structure:

  1. Updates on your progress since last week

  2. Work through challenges using techniques

  3. Discover and integrate new learnings

  4. Create action steps for before our next session


  • First session = $0

  • Individual session = $100

  • Bronze (3 sessions) = $270 [$90 per session]

  • Silver (10 sessions) = $850 [$85 per session]

  • Gold (26 Session) = $2080 [$80 per session]


  • Companion exercises course = [coming soon]

  • Companion meditation course = [coming soon]


These tools really work. Each tool is impressive in its own right, but woven together, they create a powerful and mutually supportive lattice that will more fully flesh out your change. The work we do together will change you for the better, and that change can easily cascade into multiple areas of your life, such as your health, your relationships, your role in your community, and your spiritual connection with who you really are. I see it all the time with clients, fellow practitioners, and in my own life.


But, like anything worth having in this life, these changes will require commitment, tenacity, openness, and honesty (with me and, especially, with yourself). You will be lovingly challenged, you will be consistently held up to standards that we agree upon, and you will be repeatedly surprised by where you succeed and by where you falter. All of this is part of the learning process.


By clicking the Send button on the Contact page, you are stating in full awareness:

"I am engaging with The Internal Library by my own personal choice (not merely because somebody else wants me to). I am ready and willing to show up fully for my own transformation. I understand that true change comes from the inside out, and I understand and embrace my agency in the process. I am not looking for someone else to 'fix' me, to make me feel better, or to make my problems go away. I know that nobody has that kind of power over my life except for me. I am here to undertake a revolution in my relationship to my own mind, my emotions, my work, my loved ones, and all of life around me. I'm ready to begin".

If all of this checks out, then I deeply look forward to working with you.

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