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One-on-One Coaching
(First Session is Free)

Follow the link below to learn about the ins and outs of coaching.


If all of it checks out with you, then proceed to the Contact Page, and we will schedule a time to meet over Zoom for our first session.


We will discuss what's going on for you, what steps you have available, and what a program with The Internal Library would look like, should we decide to work together.


You will leave this meeting with, at the very minimum, a deeper clarity about the next steps for you, and potentially much more. 


Thailand - An Adventure

For Young Men

The Internal Library has partnered with Alexander Grace!


We have arranged an 7-Day/6-night holiday for young men in beautiful Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand, scheduled for December 2022.


We will spend time as a group each day reflecting on our lives, understanding who we are, and learning how to follow our own internal compass for maximum fulfillment and meaning.


We will adventure and explore, and we will bask in the simple joy of traveling in a gorgeous tropical paradise!

(Check Back Later for Details)
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