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Welcome to The Internal Library Blog!

Here's what you can expect from this collection of writings

Information about the various change modalities that I employ

I write about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, lucid dreaming, Stoic philosophy, cognitive behavioral therapy, the Self-Authoring Suite, pranayama and yoga, sound meditation, and more!

Scientific findings and how they influence my practices

As I continue to train and become an educated scientist, I'll become much more adept at referencing and responding to literature as it comes out. This blog will have a lot of foundational information regarding psychology as a field.

Personal musings and essays about things that I'm interested in

I'm endlessly curious and I have a lot of thoughts and opinions. Some will be relevant to the many clinical topics above, whereas others will be about more disparate matters, such as culture, media, politics, philosophy, religion, history, etc.

Thanks for your interest! I hope you enjoy it

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